Citizens' Welfare Initiative

The Citizen's Welfare Initiative (CWI) was created to tackle the severe urban sustainability crisis that is plaguing our nation today. We are targeting this issue on multiple levels - starting from garbage segregation and disposal at the household level, to establishing a city wide waste recycling system, and subsequent employment of people in the generated economy. We intend to establish a model in Sambalpur that can be reproduced across the nation.

We have successfully implemented the first stage of our cleanliness drive in most areas of Ward 27 and 29 of Sambalpur. We targeted several areas affected by littering and indiscriminate garbage disposal and with the help of local residents converted them into aesthetically pleasing sites devoid of rubbish and garbage. This has been followed by development of community spaces in the reclaimed areas and increased efforts in urban landscaping.

We are now in the proess of developing a recycling complex for the city of Sambalpur.

Find our first phase report for Sambalpur here