Refelctions on the Lindau Meetings

Reproduced from the Nature Blog

India's Zia-ul-Haq Moment

In search of a favourable science.

IISER - Unscientific Science

On the fee hike frenzy of IISERs

Random Clicks

I am no shutterbug. Just had a few pictures that I found interesting.

Science - A 'Human' Endeavor

A few days earlier, as I watched the 1997 Sci-Fi film 'Gattaca,' I was left with a feeling of discomfort. Though the movie ends in a favorable circumstance for the protagonist, it left me wondering what we as a species were headed towards.

The Next Voyage

Every single major advancement in Human history has begun with a journey. It started with an expedition across the vast expanse of the Sahara. It matured when we crossed the oceans. And now we stand at a fortunate moment in history as we begin to venture into the darkness of space. And much like the sandstorms of the desert or the hurricanes ...