Free Speech TV Interview on CAA Protests

Prize Money for 'NASA stated _______' claims

Bare Essentials for the indian Elections 2019

Use your privilege well

The Indian A-Sat Test in Context

On how the western media deludes its citizens from asking the real questions to those in charge

Refelctions on the Lindau Meetings

Reproduced from the Nature Blog

India's Zia-ul-Haq Moment

In search of a favourable science.

IISER - Unscientific Science

On the fee hike frenzy of IISERs

Random Clicks

I am no shutterbug. Just had a few pictures that I found interesting.

Science - A 'Human' Endeavor

A few days earlier, as I watched the 1997 Sci-Fi film 'Gattaca,' I was left with a feeling of discomfort. Though the movie ends in a favorable circumstance for the protagonist, it left me wondering what we as a species were headed towards.

The Next Voyage

Every single major advancement in Human history has begun with a journey. It started with an expedition across the vast expanse of the Sahara. It matured when we crossed the oceans. And now we stand at a fortunate moment in history as we begin to venture into the darkness of space. And much like the sandstorms of the desert or the hurricanes ...